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Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion

This Coccyx Orthopedic pad is fantastic for individuals with a Coccyx condition caused by overuse of the it is comfortable and breathable, and can help to prevent or treat overuse injuries.

Seat Cushion Tailbone Pain

Seat cushion tailbone pain is a common condition that can cause discomfort and pain, it can be severe, and may cause discomfort in the Coccyx region surrounding the waistband of a clothing-covered piece of clothing). In some cases, the pain can persist even after the person gives been sitting for a long time or gives stopped clothing, at memory care, we understand the importance of providing good quality seat cushion tailbone pain products to help improve your quality of life. Our lumbar support pillow and seat cushion are made with quality materials and for the long-term comfort of your chair, our products are effortless to adopt and provide relief and help in the form of memory. This chair is designed for use after an injury where pressure on the Coccyx (joint near the tailbone) is severe, it provides comfort and pain relief from the area. The chair is produced of memory foam and is orthopedic-grade for extra durability, it provides a light-code seat for uncomplicated range of motion and is manufactured of durable materials for years of use. The tailbone seat cushion is ideal for providing comfort and pain relief in office chairs, it is extra soft and forms a painless fit on the back of the hand. It as well effortless to clean and is top-notch for lovers with a hour long commute, this seat cushion is designed to support the Coccyx and tailbone, providing a comfortable and accurate position in the chair. The seat cushion is fabricated of memory foam and is non-slip for uncomplicated movement in the chair, the chair pillow is in like manner non-slip and provides an exceptional amount of support to the tailbone.